New Calvary . . .

The city has had a long yet strangely understated history of remaining independent of the warring Sects. And has been likened to the calm eye within a great storm for many generations.

The Prince, an enigmatic figure who has politely denied extended invitations from the other sects and managed to avoid any repercussion for the slight.

She upholds tenets that are not too different from the Sects and has allowed the area to host meetings between rival powers in the past.

A kind of . . . Greater Elysium . . .

The prince also provides sanctuary for those that would also wish to remove themselves from constant struggle. New Calvary is large city, with it’s own docklands, industrial zones, successful inner city corporations and with many urban areas around, overpopulation has not become an issue yet.

A situation that has not gone unnoticed . . .

Envious eyes have spied upon this territory, covetous of it’s many resources, it’s position and the power it could provide either side in the conflict.

Will the city remain distant from the war of ages . . ?

Or will New Calvary live up to meaning of it’s other namesake, Golgotha: A place of great suffering . . ?

Sins of the Father

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