Expectations, suggestions, plans

Problems I perceived:
– Lack of system knowledge all around.
– lack of proper depth and description on my part and probably a little hesitation on my part.
– and players didn’t feel to be as pro-active as they were previously.

My goals etc:
– make many more rounded npc’s to populate world and interact with pc’s.
– more detailed city, sites/locations for the players to get to know.
– more sandbox type game, with multiple story-lines in the background.
– a little more narrative and systemless scenes, but not too many.

Player/character goals etc:

- Micki/Nancy:

pros – concentrating on career, investigate blood anomolies (vitea/socery) for improving medical science. figuring out the “black-stuff”.
specialists in other fields? clubbing for feeding and freedom? interested in investigating more occult matters. learn self-defence. investigation. intrigue.

cons – lots of combat, lots of werewolves.

- Craig/William:

pros – achievement, character progression/evolution, learning, more based around your profession, challenged more by your derangement (especially out and about in the city/public). vampiric nature/background to conflict “ordinary” life.

cons – dragons, Super-NPC’s, needles rolls/mechanics.

- Pete/John:

pro – action/activities, more conflict to interact with (fights/chases/challenges) street/city events. sect wars coming up? relationship? more of your backstory involvment.

cons – plot trains, ret-cons. Meta-plot heavy (meta-NPC’s).

- Jess/Merrick:

pros – do the creative lifestyle shit, be known/popular around the city. want contacts to play a major part. spooky, hanging with emo/goth cunts in supposed haunts/graveyards, clubbing. socialising/sexualising/feeding.

cons – too much action.

Expectations, suggestions, plans

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